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Biochar applied to the soil

CO2 Reduction of 100 Million Tons

Our goal? To cut a whopping 100 million tons of CO2 from our atmosphere by 2050. How, you ask? By fusing sustainable agriculture with the game-changing carbon reduction powers of biochar, creating a circular economy that's kind to Mother Earth.

With a rich background in everything biochar, biofuels, pyrolysis, carbon credits, and digitization, plus a vibrant network of farmers, manufacturers, biochar producers, and carbon marketplaces, we're ready to make this vision a reality.

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Reduce atmospheric CO2 by 100 million tons by 2050 through a circular economy model that combines sustainable agriculture and biochar production.

Where we started and where we are now

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Founding Year 2024

Establish pyrolysis plants near farms to convert waste into biochar.

Green wheat farm india

Biochar for use in fertilizer, animal feed, wastewater treatment, batteries, and construction.

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Carbon offset credits generated from biochar's carbon sequestration in soil.

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Contribute to positive climate impact.

Our Network

We will begin by launching pilot projects in the United States and then build a global network with local partners which are both financially successful and sustainable.

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Our Plan for


in Numbers


Pyrolisis Plants


metric tons of CO2 removed


Partner sites



Farming projects


Biochar, a highly porous material created from organic waste through pyrolysis, can store carbon, improve soil health, and increase crop yields


of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

Our Impact

We prioritize people and sustainability

in how we do business

Reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating climate change.

Improving soil health and crop yields for sustainable agriculture.

Creating new employment opportunities and supporting local farmers.

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Our thoughts on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Our company is blazing a trail towards a greener future with our sustainability initiatives. Through scientific innovation and technological advancements, we're making strides in environmental conservation, social responsibility, and corporate governance. We're making a difference - not just within our company but within our wider community. Because we believe in a future where nature thrives alongside progress.

We work with local partners and communities to promote sustainable practices

Embrace the future!

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